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If you receive a quote for Telecommunication products and/or services with the same general quality* which reflects a greater overall savings**, we will either match or beat that quote or pay*** to switch you to that company.
* 'Quality' refers to the size and type of a network's switching platform.
[Tier 1 = Top 4 carriers, Tier 2 = Top 5 - 10, Tier 3 = small carriers (regional) and Tier 4 = resellers]
** Example: The customer is currently paying 13¢ per minute on interstate calls and 10¢ per minute on intrastate calls.   The offer is for an 11¢ per minute flat rate.  However, the customer has 90% intrastate traffic.  The overall savings are not greater and the guarantee does not apply.
*** Up to $5 per line for LEC switching fees.
If you have any questions related to this guarantee, please contact World Telecom Group headquarters at (310) 589-9581.
If you receive a quote in writing on a long distance company's letterhead, send it via facsimile to (310) 589-9582 and we will respond to you within 24 hours with a competitive offer.
Signed by the Agent:
(Payment of all fees related to this guarantee is the responsibility of the agent)