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Commerce Consulting Corporation

CCC was created to serve end users of communication products and services in such a manner that the customer can manage their business communication needs cost effectively without sacrificing quality, service or peace of mind.

Commerce Consulting is comprised of independent agents and representatives in the field of telecommunications, including equipment vendors, consultants, and system analysts who have realized that there is strength in numbers. By combining the revenues of many small to medium sized agents along with our own large client base, we have been able to secure contracts with the top service providers in the country. Our diverse portfolio allows us to meet the needs of virtually any customer in the world.

CCC uses the services of many different companies, depending upon the needs of the particular client. We utilize proven networks and products, insuring quality of transmission and spectacular service for the end user while maintaining the highest possible redundancy. CCC would like the opportunity to become the one stop shop for all your communication needs.

For more information, please contact Commerce Consulting Corporation at:

(310) 589-9581