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(does that cover everything, do you think?)

The following are original examples of work undertaken by me (not in any specific order - just as I found the files).

The dynamic nature of the Internet and the World Wide Web has meant that most of these sites have been redesigned in the interim, but these links should show you the kind of custom-made pages and sites that have been created to order.  (The banner ads are placed automatically on top of the page by Tripod, but once you've clicked on this window to bring it forward, they're not a problem.)

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The smallest project was Elite Stunts (the client never decided to develop the site after large amounts of work went to Canada), the largest was DigiSound (26M).  The most complex was LinkPoint International.

(Please note that not all javascript code is mine - some code was added by ISPs as part of their marketing strategy, some code was already in place on preliminary versions of the pages that I then developed further.  Most of the graphic design was produced to order by me for the client.)

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